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Research September 14, 2010

September 21, 2010

This blog is one of my assignments for my current course. The blog is meant to be a medium for self-reflexive discovery during my journey to India. I will be focusing on how my senses experience and perform while I am in India.

Additionally, I will be researching the (dis)jointed community of travellers, tourists and locals that party together in Goa. I will examine how they use this social space to create a communitas (Turner, 2007).

I am also studying how the Bahamian Junkanoo festival is a sensuous performance of cultural identity. Because I said it well in my research proposal, here it is:

My focus is on how the Bahamian Junkanoo festival creates a sensescape—an environment to explore the distinguishing features of embodied senses in Bahamian culture (Howe, 2005).  I will also focus on how the sensescapes manifest a communitas, or structure of community, (Turner, 2007) through collective ritual making (Stoller, 2004), the somatic work of rituals (Vannini, Waskul, Gotschal, n.d.), and the use of senses (Pink, 2009; Vannini, Waskul, Gotschal, n.d.).  The goal of this research is to contribute to literature on sensuous experience, festival and ritual, and Bahamian cultural identity.  Through analysis of performed senses rather than history texts, this research will contribute to literature on how Bahamians use the sensorium and Junkanoo to ‘practice’ Bahamian culture.


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